Jo and Vic Duffhues
Josee and Vic take an NFL break

Vancouver Island Ceramicists

Located in Ladysmith on mid-Vancouver Island, JoVic Pottery represents the work of two potters: husband and wife team, Jo and Vic Duffhues. They began their work in clay together in 1979, near Lindsay, Ontario.

That year Vic gave Jo a new potters wheel as a wedding gift, allowing her to turn a hobby into a profession. “I acquired a husband and career at one and the same time,” she jokes. In 1992 they moved to beautiful Vancouver Island, and they believe their magnificent surroundings have much to do with their current glaze development and the beauty of the work they produce together.

Their functional stoneware line truly represents a blend of their talents. Vic does the bulk of their wheel-thrown work and Jo creates their slab-ware line; however, they truly enjoy collaborating and often find it sparks creativity and improves their results.  Their production is impressive, and they’ve sometimes been asked: “how many potters do you represent?”

Visitors to their studio find it remarkable that it is just the two of them working to fill their showroom. They make so many different items, ranging from dinnerware to bowls, platters, mugs, goblets, pitchers, teapots, flower vases, urns, and assorted lidded vessels, sculptural art more. As a result of continued development, the showroom often wears a new look, as of course do the wares they create together.

Lidded Alligator Ginger Jar
Lidded Alligator Crawl-Glazed Ginger Jar

While the functional line perfectly showcases Jo and Vic’s combined talents, both of them also continue to develop their individual skills, creating distinctly unique works of art. Vic absolutely loves to create alligator glazed vessels, while Jo prefers to work at sculpture and art pieces.

They welcome visitors to their showroom, and to their studio, and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm about the work they create and the environment they call home and that inspires them.

Whenever times allows, they are quite willing to give visitors a little demonstration either using a wheel or perhaps showing off some of the fun techniques they employ to decorate their work.

Jo from JoVic Sculpting