About Us

potters Vic and Josee Duffhues
Vic and Jo

When you work with your hands, you’re a labourer,
When you work with your hands and head, you’re a technician,
When you work with your hands, head, and heart, you’re a craftsperson,
When you work with your hands, head, heart and soul, you’re an artist.

Adapted from a speech given by Hunter S. Thompson.

This adapted explanation really sums up our belief about what we do. Our work always requires the use of our hands, our heads, our hearts. We are artisans, craftspeople at all times. But the greatest satisfaction is derived from our art work. When we can indulge our own creative souls we experience the ultimate blessing of sharing our studio to bring something beautiful into the world.

You can discover more about both of us by going to our individual artist statements.

Artists Statments for Jo and Vic