Arts on the Avenue

Arts on the Avenue, a wonderful annual event in Ladysmith, is rapidly approaching. It’s on the 26th of August. This year Jo and Vic (that’s us) are the featured artists, and we’re so excited and have been working like industrious little ants to make sure we have some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces to show and sell, in both our stoneware and raku pottery. We will also have a display of some of our wheel-thrown and hand-made functional stoneware pottery. And to make things even more fun, Vic will be demonstrating on the wheel.

In anticipation of this special event, I was asked to do a demonstration on our local Shaw Cable Show: The Show. It was a crazy controlled chaotic atmosphere. I had no idea when I arrived that there would be multiple guests and hosts, numerous cameras and lights, and that I would be given 4 minutes to prepare. There was an interview with the owner of Effing Oyster up before me. I watched him setting up for about 25 minutes before the start of the show. The director suddenly called for everyone, guests, hosts, camera and sound crew members, to gather. He began providing directions to the assembled group, including musicians, folks with animals, hockey coach and so forth, and then said: “Josee, you will have 4 minutes to set up.” I think I went into shock, and burst out: “I’m a potter, not a magician.” Then it was his face that had a priceless look on it. He re-arranged the line-up to increase my prep time to 5 minutes.

I spent the Effing Oyster interview time sitting on the floor, hidden from cameras, and doing my preparation. Much of what I needed was quickly hidden behind the Oyster Man before the cameras started rolling on our side of the studio.

The link to the show follows here. You can find my segment at 13:59 minutes into the episode, and there’s a brief return spot with me at about 39 minutes in.


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