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Ladysmith Spring Art Tour with JoVic Pottery

Vase 21" tall with a gorgeous bouquet to gild it
Vase 21″ tall with a gorgeous bouquet to gild it

The Ladysmith Spring Art Tour is set to start on April 24, 2015. It will run from 10 – 4 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our own studio, JoVic Pottery, is open until 5:00 pm. Use this wonderful opportunity by taking the self-guided tour  to meet the artists in your neighborhood. Pottery, Glass, Printmaking, Painting, Hand hooked rugs, and so much more. You can also head to the tour Facebook page for more information and some images of the kind of work you’ll be seeing on the tour.

There are loads of beautiful new pots at our studio here in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island, including the always collectible Mocha and Crawl or Alligator glazed mugs.

Ginger Jar by Vic Duffhues Micro-crystalline & Ash Glazes $175
Ginger Jar by Vic Duffhues
Micro-crystalline & Ash Glazes

There are wonderful vases, lidded vessels, teapots, and so much more freshly coming from the kiln today and tomorrow. Be sure to stop by, making it a special weekend, checking out the lovely gardens filled with beautiful rhododendron blooms, apple blossom, dogwood blossom, azaleas and more. Yes, come celebrate spring with us.

Feel free to wander the garden, the studio and our showroom. Meanwhile, we’ll do our best to ask for sunny days while you travel our beautiful area.

Crawl-Glazed Vase with Blue interior $250
Crawl-Glazed Vase with Blue interior $250


Garden City Potters at JoVic Pottery

We always love to teach and share some of our techniques with other potters, particularly those coming to our studio in Ladysmith BC, on Vancouver Island  via a guild appointment for a seminar, workshop or simply to see some demonstrations.

We truly enjoyed a recent visit from the Victoria, Vancouver Island potters of the Garden City Guild. Their pleasure throughout the day was more than evident. Lots of great questions made their delight and appreciation clear.

In particular, these potters loved learning about some of our “tools” invented to make our work easier. Vic Duffhues demonstrated wheel-throwing, waxing, trimming, handling techniques and more, showing these potters how he makes goblets, mugs, pansy rings, teapot lids and soap pumps. They also loved the clay art tiles in our kitchen and bathroom, and loved the garden sculptures by Jo Duffhues.

One of the best things about doing these workshops is that we always feel renewed ourselves. Excitement is contagious. We know these potters will go home to, as Pete Pinnell once wisely said: “imitate, assimilate and then innovate.”

We wish them all the best success with their own pottery and clay art and hope they will make a few return visits to JoVic Pottery in the years to follow.

Jo and Vic Duffhues
Jo and Vic Duffhues


The Work is Coming Through at JoVic Pottery–Ready for the Tour

With the Annual Christmas Studio Tour less than a week away, things are at their most hectic at JoVic Pottery. We still have pots drying and readied for one more bisque firing. Including the always special  and rare mugs with mocha diffusion tree decoration.

Mocha Mugs Drying
Mocha Mugs Drying


A Bisque Load

We’re unloading lovely bisque firings to keep us busy glazing.

Comfortable and Beautiful Belly Mug

And, of course, we’re also unloading some extremely exciting finished stoneware firings with our unique approach to crawl glazes and layered glaze decorations. We even have the popular belly mugs, travel mugs, and arthritis tumblers coming through.

Functional and Beautiful Stoneware with Crawl Glazes

For those who love to enjoy a good glass of wine in the best goblets around–yes, goblets and wine bricks are coming through now too. The goblets are also great for hot toddies and those very special Irish coffees.

Don’t miss the terrific 5-day self-guided studio tour. It’s the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit and find just the right gifts for your family and friends–or maybe just to spoil yourself.cyartisans tour

The tour runs from November 19 through the 23rd and the hours are 10-5 daily. We have brochures with maps at our studio and we’re glad to help you prepare for the fun. And yes, we’ll have our hot cider and some delicious snacks for you to nibble while you browse as well as Carol’s beautiful wreathes–fundraising for Haven House.

Getting Ready for the Country Christmas Tour

With the Cedar and Yellow Point Artisans’ Christmas Tour just 10 days away, the studio is absolutely humming. Lots of beautiful stoneware pottery is drying and waiting for the final bisque firings, including those highly favored mugs.

Pottery Mugs Drying
Pulled Handles on Drying Mugs

And the work continues for special custom orders meant for Christmas gifts, including hexagon shaped dinnerware plates and dessert plates… though working around a studio dog can sometimes proves tricky.

The Studio Dog
The Studio Dog

Of course some of the pottery that has been through the multiple firings is now beginning to find its way into our showroom.

JoVic Pottery Wine Brick and Goblets with Crawl Glaze
Wine Brick and Goblets with Alligator Crawl Glaze by Vic Duffhues

This year’s studio tour will run a full five days. Be sure to pick up a brochure at our studio and enjoy yourself on this lovely self-guided tour through our beautiful area just north of Ladysmith and south of Nanaimo in the Cedar and Yellow Point area of Vancouver Island.cyartisans tour

You’ll find an endless variety of beautiful hand-made gifts, in our own studio and in the many other wonderful studios and gift cottages taking part in the wonderful annual event.

Pitcher with Alligator Crawl Glaze from JoVic Pottery
Crawl Glaze Jug by Vic Duffhues

Tour hours are 10-5 daily, November 19 – 23. and there’s a terrific map in the brochure.

2014 Christmas Artisans’ Tour starts at JoVic Pottery

Colorful Pottery by Jo and Vic Duffhues

This year, the annual Cedar and Yellow Point Artisans’ Christmas Tour will start at JoVic Pottery. The tour starts on November 19th and runs for a full five days through to and including Sunday, November 23rd.  We’ll have lots of extra brochures for those of you who have yet to get your hands on one. It’s an exciting tour, and the brochure provides a terrific map to assist you on this self-guided foray into the studios and gift shops of the members of this arts association.

Another JoVic Pottery Showroom View

Whether you’re looking for art to add to your own collection or some gifts for those lucky recipients on your Christmas gift list, you’re bound to find something special. There’s fabulous variety available too: amazing First Nations art by Noel Brown, whose artistry can be found in galleries around the globe and includes hand carved copper, silver, gold and platinum jewelry as well as traditional cedar carvings; glass work created by Ted Jolda, including his collectible Christmas: paintings, prints and more by the talented Kathy Barnson; and more paintings by Lauren Kent; furniture and wood works painted by the award winning Claudia Lohmann; furniture and jewellery from Yonder Wood; up-cycled funky functional furniture and natural art at the Fern and Feather. But that’s not all, there are wonderful studios that specialize in plants, seeds, herbs and herbal products for your home and garden, including: Hazelwood Herb Farm, Fern Gully Garden, and Seeds of Victoria. Foodies will find special gifts and delicious ingredients at Fredrich’s Honey and Yellow Point Cranberries. There are some quilts, and special Christmas temptations at some of the other locations as well from quilts to iron works, and of course you’ll find our stunning functional and decorative stoneware and raku pottery here at JoVic Pottery, and more pottery at the Blue Ox too.

And Some Special Decorative Pottery by Vic Duffhues

Plan to make the tour into a few fun days. With some terrific dining choices, from the Crow and Gate, the Wheatsheaf Pub, The CoCo Cafe,  to The Cottonwood Golf Club, and some outstanding Bed & Breakfast choices in our area, you’ll be on a holiday getting ready for the holidays to follow. Check the map for yourself, and enjoy a great stay in our beautiful community on Vancouver Island. JoVic Showroom Lit Shelves


The Art of Fire 2

It’s a little late, but with luck, not too late. There’s a terrific pottery sale in Parksville tomorrow. It’s at the Parksville Community Centre, 132 Jensen Avenue, from 11 AM ’till 5:00 PM. (click on the highlighted address to access the map)Layout 1

The Art Of The Fire holds it’s annual holiday pottery show and sale this Saturday, October 11, 2014 – Some of Vancouver Islands best potters will have work for sale. Come and watch how it’s done. LIVE DEMOS – Throwing and Hand-Building demo’s, great food, a raffle of wonderful pots by several potters and … Oh yeah, bring something if you could, for the local food bank.

Regular members of this group of potters include Gordon Hutchens, Jane Murray Smith, Al Bubnys, Anne Marie Veale, Sue Taylor, Gordon James, Martha James, Cori Sandler of Cori Sandler Pottery, Dee Aguilar, Larry Aguilar, Shirley Phillips,Richard Lonsdale, and Janet Moe. This year’s guest artists, delighted to join this fun event are: Vic Duffhues from JoVic Pottery, Al Knutsen, Neil and Anita Lawrence, Hanna Lewandowski, Shirley Phillips, Ellen Statz, John Robertson, and Harriet Hiemstra.

Vancouver Island potters create some of the most outstanding vessels, from the purely artistic and decorative, through to truly exciting and beautiful functional pottery. There will be refreshments served by Grandmothers to Grandmothers. Be sure to enjoy a lovely day–We hope to see you there.2014-08-19 11.53.50

JoVic Pottery–New Work for Arts on the Avenue

Pottery Booth
Pottery Booth

Arts on the Avenue is just a few days away–this coming Sunday. This is the 16th or 17th (not sure) time this fabulous event will take place in Ladysmith. You can peruse some of the pictures taken last year by clicking on this link to the Gallery. You will, as always, find us there too. We try to make sure that every year has us bringing some of our newest work for this home-town street event.

This year’s line-up of artists is as terrific as ever, and we’re counting on the weather to cooperate and make this another fabulous day. But let me tell you about some of the fabulous pottery we’ll have ready for our collectors and new customers alike… better yet, let me show you.

Alligator Sphere Vase
Spherical Alligator Crawl-glazed Vase
Textured Spherical Alligator Vase
Bronze-Necked Alligator Vase












The stoneware pot shown above is definitely one of my favorites to come out of the kiln this past week. Vic’s alligator finish, layered engobes and glazes, and the gorgeous form, all work together to invite the eye and hands to love this vase. Ah yes, this one is worth drooling over.

There are other gorgeous vases too… including the one shown right with a delicious fat bronze detail on the neck.

Ash Glazed Mug
Ash Glazed Mug




Of course we will have a series of gorgeous mugs, and some of them will have that fabulous layered alligator finish, but we also have a few with a new ash-glazed combination that is really stunning. The ash comes from the Mount Saint Helen’s eruption.

And there are some lovely tea lights coming out of the last few firings–they’re perfect for romantic dinners, relaxing atmospheres for that soothing bath, or just simple soft mood lighting.

Ash Glaze Tea Light
Tea Lamp with Ash Glaze

We’re excited to continue to enjoy the beauty of our Vancouver Island home here in the Oyster Bay area of Ladysmith, BC. It’s a place that constantly provides inspiration–but come and see for yourself and discover why so many artists, artisans and talented crafts people make this place home.


Fresh Pots for Arts on the Avenue at JoVic Pottery

There are some delicious new pots coming out of the kilns lately. We’re expecting to have quite a few more for Arts on the Avenue which is our annual Ladysmith event that allows us to visit with so many of our friends and neighbors. It’s an event just not to be missed, showcasing lots of great local artists as well as some super Artisan food creators.

July 4th Alligator Pot
Red, White & Blue Alligator Crawl-Glazed Pot

I think you’ll especially love some of our new pots. Their texture is superb.

Textured Peach Pot
Peached Alligator Crawl-Glazed Pot


Find JoVic Pottery at Arts on the Avenue

Wet Mugs
Freshly Thrown

Summer is upon us and we’re gearing up for the annual Arts on the Avenue show. This special event has been running for about 16 years, and this year’s line-up of fabulous artists promises to make for another exceptionally beautiful day. It takes place on August 24, 2014. The location is First Avenue in Ladysmith, between Warren and Buller Streets. They, of course, will be closed to traffic, making for a delightful pedestrian experience. So come on out between 10 AM and 4 PM for an incredible day overlooking Oyster Harbour.

mug handles
Handles Waiting for Attachment

We’re hard at work in our own studio to make sure that we have everyone’s favourite mugs on hand for this show–and plenty of them too. They’ll be “muscled” or “textured” for that personal comfortable fit. Making mugs requires so much more effort than many people realize. Aside from mixing, pugging, wedging, and weighing out the appropriate clay balls for throwing on the wheel, our mugs also have to stiffen to a leather-hard stage before they can be handled.

pulling handle
getting it right

Vic likes to “pull” the handles, but to ensure consistently beautiful handles, he starts by preparing a whack of them ahead before attaching to the stiffened mugs and then pulling them into shape almost using a “cow-milking” motion.

The mugs are then carefully dried before they can be put through a low-temperature bisque fire in advance of receiving layers of glazes and engobes. Much of our work now experiences several low-fire applications of engobe and glazes before a final glaze firing can take place.

Welcome to Our Studio
Welcome to Our Studio

If you can’t make it to Arts on the Avenue, don’t worry, our studio is open and we’re always glad to welcome visitors. Our garden is still in bloom, and we’re right near Page Point Inn. We’re also more than happy to tell you about our community here, and have brochures that will guide you on the Cedar and Yellow Point Artisan Trail.

Arts on the AvenueBe sure to enjoy Vancouver Island’s stunning beauty and the artists and artisans who find their inspiration all around.

The Art and Garden Tour and JoVic Pottery

Vic's working outside

DSC_3820 DSC_3823 DSC_3829 DSC_3837 DSC_3838 DSC_3839 DSC_3841 DSC_3847 DSC_3851 DSC_3853 DSC_3854 DSC_3870 DSC_3874 DSC_3877DSC_3870It’s a truly special time of year at our studio, and not just because it’s such a pleasant time to work there once the cold and dark winter months are past, but because everything outside the studio also calls us. The garden and our amazing property provide ample inspiration, and not just a little bit of labor to our days–so thank goodness those are also a little longer as we head toward summer.

We have such an amazing yard, it simply bursts forth with life during the spring season. Trees and shrubs bloom magnificently, each year showing us their will to survive and grow. This past year saw us losing a few trees on this 3-acre patch of heaven on the outskirts of the town of Ladysmith on Vancouver Island. Like the rest of Canada, our season started much later than usual. We clearly didn’t get the massive amounts of snow that have continued to plague some parts of the country right into this usually lovely month of May, but we saw some truly chilly weather and suffered a few major wind storms. One of those trees nearly ended our wonderful Gunnera’s life. It’s coming back, but it’s so much smaller than the giant we’ve seen in previous years. It’s all coming back–a little later than usual, but more magnificent than ever.

All in all, our garden (with its quiet restful spots, its park-like areas, its rustic places and even its little memorial garden, and the tiny pond) provides us with wonder and inspiration. It suits our pottery and some of the sculpture that comes from what we see. It takes its character from this temperate coastal climate and from the ample rains of autumn and winter. It feeds birds and deer (and even some of the dreaded rabbits) and fills us with joy. Our garden is a home for wildlife and we hear the eagles kiri-ing overhead, or sometimes the raven with its amazing koo-koo-koo-koo (so lovely and different from the squawking of black birds). The hummingbirds visit the shrubs and the feeders. The raspberry finches and the quail add more to this natural beauty–yes and of course there are bees buzzing and butterflies fluttery by.

Spring is truly a magnificent time of year here, and our garden is to be celebrated. We’ve joined with some other artists in this area between Ladysmith and Chemainus just so that we can share the beauty. From June 1 to September 14 we’ll be willing to let visitors wander through not just our studios and galleries, but our gardens. So come out to the Ladysmith and District Art and Garden Tour--it’s a self-guided event–and enjoy and share in our inspiration here in the Warm Lands of Vancouver Island.

JoVic Pottery and the Spring Art Tour

Raven Platter
Jo’s Raven Quilt Platter

The studio is open, the sun is shining and it’s that time of year when we truly look forward to showing off our new works and welcoming visitors to our studio.

With our wonderful location along Oyster Bay, just north of Ladysmith, near Page Point Inn, you might just spy the eagles that have returned, find rhododendrons in full bloom, enjoy wandering the property and our studio, and above all, enjoy seeing our latest creations.

Initiated by the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery, the Spring Art Tour is a three-day self-guided tour featuring 12 locations, including the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery .  The variety you’ll find at the different studios includes pottery by several different artists, bringing insight to the varied techniques and expressions possible. Potters featured are Josee and Vic Duffhues of JoVic Pottery, Peggy Grigor, Mary Fox and Chip Nary (also known from his appearance on the Dragon’s Den. In addition, visitors will enjoy finding sculpture and whimsical art by Sally Man. Mosaics on canvas by Likova Art Studios, kiln and torch formed glass creations by Cathy and Garth Gilroy, fabric arts by Val Galvin, and abstract painting by Studio 4twentyB. There’s a variety of art work at Bayview Framing and of course at the Waterfront Gallery.

You’ll find maps for your self-guided tour at any of the locations mentioned, and you can also find the map on-line at Spring Art Tour.

Our local Shaw Cable Show recently aired a video that you might enjoy. It was a fun interview because I was able to give the reporter a lesson on wheel-throwing: Here’s Kelly Robinson learning about wheel-throwing.

We sure hope to see you here. Vancouver Island is gorgeous at this time of year, and a studio tour is just the thing to put some extra sunshine into your days.


JoVic Pottery Studio Tour Nov. 21 – 24

The Wonderful Annual Cedar and Yellow Point Artisan Christmas Tour is just a couple of days away. The studio is buzzing with activity. Some of the work that will be out on the shelves is cooling now and will be out of the kiln today. Vic’s amazing alligator-glazed functional and decorative stoneware will fill our showroom with everything from mugs and vases to casseroles.

Teapots and mugs and more
Teapots and more…

Jo’s new series, “Quilting on Clay” is truly exciting. Using under glazes on stoneware clay when it’s bone dry can be a little nerve-wracking. As long as clay has not been contaminated or fired, it can usually be re-claimed. However, once I start adding those under glazes, I’m committed to getting it right or tossing it out.

Platter with Quilt design un-fired
Un-fired, quilted tray…

If the work only took an hour or so, that would not be a real problem. But these pieces can take up to two full days to paint.

Pots with Quilt Designs
Quilterly Painted Clay Art

It’s my love of quilting and needlepoint, both former hobbies that I no longer have time for, that inspire this creative line. I can remember spending time years ago searching fabrics that complimented my choices for making a quilt. When I do this work with clay, I don’t have to choose the fabric designed by others, I get to create the look of my own fabrics while I design the quilt I have in mind.

Quilted Tray with Birds on Blues
Birds on a Blue Quilt

The work is moving from forms with folk-art painterly fabric approaches to more traditional quilt backgrounds and even to backgrounds with the feel of a final applique design. It’s truly fun.

While not all the work has come out of the kiln yet, I’m delighted with the final results I’m seeing on some of the finished trays now.

Birds on Blue
Birds on the Blue Quilt Tray

I’m sure the tour visitors will enjoy the splashes of color from the truly exciting new pieces. There will also be a great selection of the award-winning modern art stoneware with goblets and trays and more available for people wanting to select really special hand-made gifts that will become treasured favorites this Christmas.

Mod Art Trays and Goblets
The Retro Look of Mod Art Pots

The Cedar and Yellow Point Tour starts on Thursday, November 21st and ends at 4:00 pm on Sunday, November 24th. We’ll be open from 10 – 5 throughout the tour and will have Carol’s Wreathes for Haven House as well as our usual refreshments.

Raku Pottery and Stoneware Bowls
Raku Display, and stoneware bowls

We’re truly looking forward to seeing lots of visitors at our Ladysmith, Vancouver Island Studio.  We’re offering 20% off the ticketed price of our gorgeous raku vessels for this Holiday Season. We also have a great selection of clearance pottery and that will be marked down by 50%. It’s a chance for our customers to get a truly great deal on some of the work and will make some room in the studio for the new ideas and creations we’ll want to pursue next year. It’s the 25th year of this remarkable tour and we’ll have maps to guide our visitors to some of the fine local artists in our beautiful area.


Getting Ready for the Annual Christmas Tour

Drying Casseroles with Lids
Fresh Casseroles Drying on Rack

It’s that time of year, and we’re both working hard gearing up for our annual area studio tour. The Cedar Yellow Point Artisans’ Christmas Tour is a 4-day, self-guided event held in this area for 25 years now. The tour starts on Thursday, November 21st and ending 4 days later on Sunday. It is always such fun, and brings in returning customers and visitors from all over Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, Washington State, and even from Alberta.

Many customers return year after year because they truly enjoy seeing the hand-made arts, crafts, paintings and photographs, as well as sampling and purchasing some of the artisan spices, honey and foods available at some of the participating studios.

Drying Lidded Pots
Vic’s Lidded Beauties Drying

In addition to the great new pottery we’ll have ready for our customers, we’ll also offer special deals on some clearance stock. We need room for new works, and some of the wonderful work that was not sold in the last year will be offered at a 20% discount. As for right now, we’re both excited with the wonderful new pieces drying in the studio.

Mod-Art Platter being Glazed
Hand-painting Glaze on Platter

Our friend Carol will also be on hand with her beautiful hand-made Christmas Wreathes. She supplies the materials and the weeks of labor, the frames, ribbons and ornaments, selling these long-lasting wreathes for just $40 each; then she donates the proceeds in entirety to Haven House, a shelter for women and children in Nanaimo. And there’s always a prize draw for these as well.

Jo and Vic Duffhues
Josee and Vic take an NFL break
Drying Cookie Jars
Drying Cookie Jars

Of course it’s not all work… we do occasionally stop for a little break, and catch at least the last 5 minutes of Sunday afternoon football games.

Don’t miss this wonderful tour which runs from November 21st to the 24th. Come and enjoy the holiday atmosphere. Treat your friends and family to the best of hand-made quality gifts and support local artists. Enjoy the cider and Christmas goodies we’ll have on hand as refreshments, and get ready for a wonderful Holiday Season.

Wine Tour, Rocky Creek and JoVic Pottery

This weekend will be a very busy one for us. I’m going to be at a wine tour displaying some of our wonderful wine bricks, goblets and so forth. It’s a two-day wine tour event at Rocky Creek Winery running from 10 until 4 PM both Saturday and Sunday. This is an award winning winery, offering an amazing selection from whites through to full-bodied red wines and assorted sauces.  Rocky Creek Winery is located in the Cowichan Valley at 1854 Myhrest Rd. Cowichan Bay, BC, V0R 1N1, (ph. 250-748-5622). It’s in what is often called the warm land, and it’s proving to be excellent award-winning wine country.

Colorful Wine Brick & Goblets
Colorful Wine Brick & Goblets

The timing is tricky for us. Vic has a huge order due for Alaska  by the end of this month. He’s also acting in the Norm Foster play, running at the Ladysmith Little Theatre  until September 29th. You can order tickets on line for this hilarious play.2013-08-23 14.48.42

But back to our wonderful pottery. Vic and I have both created some terrific sets for wine lovers, and they’re sure to make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, weddings and just about any other special occasion you can think of. All our functional stoneware pottery is lead-free and carefully tested for safety from any potential mineral leeching; it’s dishwasher safe, microwave safe (so nice to know for those hot toddies we’re going to enjoy in the cooler weather), it can be placed in the freezer empty to aid in keeping cold beverages frosty, and it adds beauty to any table.

Green Palette Goblets
Green Palette Goblets

My pieces are part of the “modern art” series I’ve been enjoying so much (despite neck cramps). Vic’s beautiful pieces are part of his alligator series. The wine bricks are amazing. With these beauties you can keep wine chilled without having to add ice to a bucket; just place the empty wine brick in a freezer and when you’re ready to use it, you’ll find it keeps that white wine chilled without the messy drips of the usual ice bucket approach. Of course you can always use these lovely bricks as utensil holders so that they’re a gorgeous addition to your kitchen counter.

Blueish Purples Palette
Blueish Purples Palette

Both lines of work require a tremendous amount of labor. Vic’s work requires multiple glaze firings allowing for both texture and depth in the layered glazes. Mine require oodles of time “painting” on the underglazes. Admittedly all a labor of love.Alligator Wine Set

Be sure to come and enjoy the wine tour on what promises to be another beautiful weekend on Vancouver Island. The sun is shining, and September’s warmth is an added summer bonus for us.2013-09-13 13.42.01

Our studio will also be open from 11:00 to 4:00 on Saturday and from 10:00 until 2:00 PM this Sunday.

Clay Art and Theatre Art Too

We are not just local potters in Ladysmith, BC on Vancouver Island, but we’re active members of our community, and we’re even involved with the Ladysmith Players for the Ladysmith Little Theatre. That means we’re not just makers of art, but also participants in the arts.

Thespian Potters
Thespian Potters

We’ve had the pleasure of becoming deeply involved with our theatre, first for Jo came directing Larry Kramer’s amazing play about the early days of the AIDS pandemic, The Normal Heart. Vic was truly helpful during that rehearsal and production period, frequently reading lines with actors and once on set, acting as one of the stage hands.

Jo Duffhues, Our Town
Jo Duffhues, Our Town

We both caught the bug, and it wasn’t long before we were both involved in Thornton Wilder’s play Our Town. Though the real joy of that production was the way it not only involved us, but also our son and an “adopted” granddaughter.

Opa, Oma, and Aija
Opa, Oma, and Aija

I actually became a member of the Board of Directors in July. Vic has also become a handyman for our theatre which is an old school, about 100 years old!

Thespian Family--Our Town
Thespian Family–Our Town

This summer the theatre decided to keep residents interested by running old time radio plays, “theatre of the mind” plays really. Audiences got to see the actors working their voices to convey the texture and meaning of both a Philip Marlowe show called The Green Flame and an old Fibber McGee show called The Piano. I actually played Dodi Whitmar, a sophisticated wealthy owner of a number of news magazines and papers.

Little Theatre Parade--Witch
Little Theatre Parade–Witch

Vic is now into the last two weeks of rehearsals for his part in Norm Foster’s Opening Night. We can hardly wait for, you guessed it, Opening Night on September 12. The show will be playing at the Ladysmith Little Theatre. Dinner shows are on Fridays and Saturdays. Regular shows on Thursday evenings, and two Sunday Matinees with the closing on September 29. You can order your tickets online. Vic’s quite the performer, and I think he’ll be playing at least one show a year given the opportunity.

Jo as Radio Play Character
Jo as Radio Play Character

We love and support our community theatre and will always welcome new members and participants, so if you’re in the mid-island area, think about joining or at least coming to see one of our plays.Theatre Ad



More of the Modern Art Pottery on the Way!

I’m not sure what’s driving this particular period in my work, but I sure am enjoying myself. The freedom I find in using underglazes as paint on clay as my canvas is pure creative joy.

Composition A - Piet Mondrian
Composition A – Piet Mondrian

The first piece had me thinking about Piet Mondrian, and there’s no doubt I love what he was doing. But when I look at my work, there’s more than this influencing the outcome. I’ve come to conclude that some of it is just the impact of being a teenager during the pop-art era. I love seeing the way the colors develop too, with real changes following the bisque and final glaze firings.

Bone-dry Goblets & Wine Bricks
Bone-dry Goblets & Wine Bricks

What started on my slab-ware pieces is now continuing onto thrown forms. The fact is that I rarely ever use the potter’s wheel anymore. Arthritis truly has had an impact on this side of my work. But since I have the great fortune of being married to my potter husband, Vic Duffhues, we can create pieces together. Actually, I can ask him to make specific items for me to play with; and truthfully said, this creative work is a form of play.

painting on pots
painting on pots

There are times when I feel my neck seizing, and the knots begin to form and I know it’s truly time to stop. However, in spite of the pain, I can’t put the brush down and my thoughts of quitting end up delayed by hours on end.

Drying Underglazes
Drying Underglazes

I really don’t know where this is going, or when it will wind itself into something new and different again, but I do know that the pieces that are coming out of the kilns these days fill me with happiness. Despite the fact that this is a series, each piece is unique. I consider color placement, consider the “movement” each stroke leads my eyes to follow.

Shelves of Bisque-Fired Goblets
Shelves of Bisque-Fired Goblets

The final firing is yet to come for these darlings, and it will result in a further enhancement and brightness of color. But I’m already excited and feeling happy to see them, and I am sure they will only go to people who can appreciate and feel the same joy in seeing and using them. After all, these are definitely happy pots.

Colorful Wine Brick & Goblets
Colorful Wine Brick & Goblets

We have managed to get some of the work through final firings. The goblets are $30 each, but will only be sold in pairs (to prevent being left with singles) or sets of 4. The wine brick sells for $50 and makes for a fabulous utensil holder or vase as well as a terrific wine brick.

Blueish Purples Palette
Blueish Purples Palette

I am really delighted with the final results. I can see myself developing various approaches to this work.

Green Palette Goblets
Green Palette Goblets

Different color palettes but with a unified original theme.

Goblets in Blues
Goblets in Blues

I’m getting some excited response to this work already and I’m so looking forward to showing it off this weekend on Sunday, August 25, at Arts on the Avenue in Ladysmith, BC.

Sunshine Goblets: red, yellow, orange with blue interiors
Sunshine Goblets: red, yellow, orange with blue interiors

There is bound to be further development in this series of painterly pots, and I’m already looking forward to the Rocky Creek Winery Tour in Ladysmith in September (more details later).

Colorful Bowl
Colorful Bowl

And I expect to enjoy painting on more and more pots. I think I’m adding some real FUN into our functional work.

JoVic Pottery joins Qualicum Beach Artisans Market

Today is the opening day for the Qualicum Beach Artisans Market. The market will run every Friday evening at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery, until its closing on August 3rd. And we’ll be delighted to show off some of our latest raku and stoneware pottery. including some of our original textured, totally original alligator glazed functional work.

Copper Matte Raku Ovoid
Copper Matte Raku Ovoid

Expect our set-up to change a little over the next few Fridays, and you can always expect new additions to the market and pots come “hot” from the kilns,  including some of our original textured, totally original alligator glazed functional work, especially those best-sellers: JoVic Pottery’s unique and truly amazingly comfortable mugs. Each one of these is a piece of art celebrating the nature around us.

JoVic Mug Samples
JoVic Mug Samples

This is the 5th annual year for this increasingly popular event, and includes a variety of artists with potters: like Larry and Dee Aguilar, Richard Lonsdale and Janet Moe, JoVic Pottery with work by us, Josee and Victor Duffhues; metal workers from Cross Heart Forge and Red Cod Forge. The show will have jewelers, bead-makers, painters, carvers, glass-workers… and there is music too. Come on out and enjoy the fun.

Ladysmith’s Spring Art Tour


It’s here, spring has finally arrived. The dogwood is glorious, the rhododendrons are blooming, and it’s time for the Ladysmith Spring Art Tour. We live in such wonderful surroundings, and I have my fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate. You can always add a nice lunch by coming here and heading to Page Point Inn’s delicious waterside bistro.

The tour is running for the next three days, so we hope you’ll come out and see some of our latest work.

We have 12 artists on the tour and it’s on from 10 until 4, April 26, 27 & 28. You can start the tour here at our studio, or at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery. Artists on the tour are:

  1. Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, 610 Oyster Bay Drive, 250-245-1252–Art Gallery
  2. JoVic Pottery, 4781 Shell Beach Road, 250-245-8728–Studio Pottery with Functional Stoneware, Raku Pottery, and One-of-a-Kind Art works for the home and garden
  3. Sally Mann, 32-541 Jim Cram Drive, 250-245-5933–whimsical art, including paintings and papiermache
  4. Likova Art Studio, 1152-3rd Avenue, 250-245-7553–mosaics on canvas
  5. Crystalline Vortex Pottery Studio/Gallery, 1010-3rd Avenue, 250-924-8007–crystalline glazed stoneware pottery.
  6. Bayview Framing, 421-First Avenue, 250-245-0011–offering local art at the smallest gallery in town.
  7. Lois Ireland Creates, 330-3rd Avenue, 250-245-0243–colorful fine crafts from clay works to vibrant glass beads.
  8. Caldera Glass Studio, 220-3rd Avenue, 250-245-8119–Kiln formed glass creations and beads.
  9. Artsy Fartsy Garden and Gifts, 332 Baden powell, 250-24-3190–local art, in the most delightful artsy fartsy sense by local artists.
  10. Ruby Dragon Pottery, 340-4th Avenue and Roberts St.–functional stoneware and pit-fired vessels.
  11. Luri Hoffman, 240-5th Avenue (at Baden Powell), 250-924-3669–Abstract Expressionist paintings.
  12. Oyster Bay Clayworks, 394 Woodley Road, 250-245-8047–Hand-sculpted stoneware pottery and functional art décor.

All the studios are in the Ladysmith area. Just look for the “Art” Signs with black lettering on a yellow background to find us.

Art Sign
Art Sign

Christmas Tour

raku pot
Here’s one of Vic’s latest Raku beauties. We’re all set for the studio tour: The Cedar Yellowpoint Annual Christmas Tour 

We had a wonderful selection of pottery ready for the annual Christmas Tour which ran from November 15th to the 18th.

Teddy McCrea was with us again this year and brought lots of Lynda Diamond’s delicious antipastos. Teddy and Lynda have a wonderful Ladysmith bed and breakfast here in Ladysmith, Island Estuary, so if you’re looking for a delightful bedroom with an amazing host, they can accommodate you. Lynda is a red-ribbon chef and you’re sure to enjoy anything she prepares, including the aforementioned antipastos.

We had a gorgeous display of Christmas wreathes again. Carol Wagenaar makes these every year and always donates the proceeds to Haven Society in Nanaimo. She provided all the materials, the labor, the ribbons, not to mention her many hours of hard work, and then 100% of the proceeds go to this charitable cause: a truly supportive transition house for women and children.

We’re participating in this year’s Culture Days Event on September 29th and 30th including Raku firing demonstrations and an informative studio tour.

Raku firing demonstrations
Raku firing demonstrations

JoVic Pottery is a professional pottery studio operated by Jo and Vic Duffhues, master potters who have been working in clay for about 35 years. Visitors will see pieces coming from a kiln in a lava hot stage and will learn the difference between raku and stoneware clay bodies.

Some of the work will receive alcohol reduction, resulting in intense flaming and colour, some will receive ferric chloride applications assisting in the development of gold lustres, some will develop stunning copper flashed surfaces in heavy post-firing reduction after being pulled from the kiln while the pieces are still covered in liquid molten glaze at 1800 degrees F.

Visitors will also enjoy a studio tour, learning about the stoneware process that results in beautiful one-of-a-kind vessels or contributes to our variety of functional stoneware pottery. Those who want to participate in the exciting raku process will have the option of purchasing and learning how to glaze-decorate a small raku vase which will have been bisque fired in advance of this cultural event. They will be able to take home a piece they helped fire themselves.

Raku firings generally take an hour and will occur at 12:00, 2:00 and 4:00 pm on September 29 and 30.

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are more than happy to help.