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Cowichan Cultural Centre Cowichan Totem Pole Old War Canoe Inspiration from Carving A Fun Workshop Cultural Centre Workshop Students Participants Happy Participant Cowichan ParticipantVic recently had the pleasure of providing a workshop for health staff of the Cowichan Tribes in Duncan. Not only is the community beautiful, but the people he was able to instruct were too.

The surroundings are so pleasant, as you’ll see in the pictures: these range from some views of the surroundings to the workshop taking place inside the Cultural Centre, to a couple of close-ups of delighted participants.

We’ve already been asked if we could do another of these workshops for the Cowichan Tribes. Since we feel we gain the pleasure of friendships with our local First Nations peoples, as well as being inspired by their cultural arts, we’re always delighted by these invitations.

Most of the tiles created by these participants reflected cultural influence. Though one tile was created by looking at an image on a cellphone… the image of a small Pomeranian pet. It’s a remarkable tile and one that is sure to be a household treasure for many years to come.

All the students enjoyed the workshop immensely, and follow-up chatter revealed that other students who had attended a different workshop wished they had come to this one. There’s something special and truly healing about a creative activity. Though the Coast Salish people do not have a tradition of working in clay, they clearly derive great pleasure from using their heritage of rich and astounding arts to convey tradition.









We really look forward to returned visits, and further opportunities to introduce clay art to the Cowichan peoples and thank them for the honour of inviting us.

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Hummingbird Salish Sun Sunshine's Gift Trees at Night The Pom, Laura's tile

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