Custom Stoneware Dinnerware by JoVic Pottery

Most often, our dinnerware is ordered as a set, and this is great because it allows us to make all the mugs, or goblets on the same day, all the plates on another day, and so on. Even better, the final (stoneware) firing includes all the matched pieces. This ensures a truly unified set. Some of our clients find it easier to budget their collection on a more gradual basis. They may order 4 or 8 of the pieces wanted, and continue with this process until their collection is complete. Typical orders will usually include the following items:

  • bread and butter plate, $25 to $30 each
  • luncheon plate, $30 to $35 each
  • dinner plate, $40 to $50 each
  • soup or cereal bowl, $25 to $35 each
  • mugs, excluding belly style $30 to $35 each
  • belly mugs $30 each (only available in alligator glazes)
  • goblet $30 to $35 each ($35 goblets only in alligator glazes)

Pricing shown here is based on two distinct approaches. Our alligator glazed pottery undergoes additional firings in order to successfully layer glazes–as you might imagine, this increases our expense as well as time and labor and is reflected in the pricing. Some of our work does not lend itself to carving, and we’ve chosen to restrict these items to our current favorite approach using the layered alligator glazes. We do offer a wide variety with respect to color in the alligator line. The belly mugs, though smaller in appearance, are more difficult to make, and their style does not allow for the carved sgraffito pattern that was a long-time favorite for many of our customers. Sgraffito carving is also not available on the larger goblets.

In addition to the usual place settings requested, most of our customers enjoy adding platters, serving bowls and casseroles in assorted sizes, gravy sets, cream and sugar sets, butter dishes, wine bricks, beer steins, vegetable and dip platters, canister sets and more to their collections. We’re proud to say that we create durable and beautiful stoneware to delight the hand, eye, and table. We both enjoy great food and cook a lot, and we’ve learned to make work that serves to delight both functionally and artistically. We will gladly explore your custom needs, and whether you’re looking for traditional wheel-thrown pottery or the more avant-garde in dinnerware, we welcome the chance to serve your needs.

5 piece dinnerware setting
Check that lovely rim

Vic does enjoy making ultra-special one-of-a-kind dinnerware sets as well. These amazing sets are likely to be just a once per year experience, and customers will face a lengthy waiting period. The images that I’ve included here are of just one such a special set that was on display at the Ladysmith Waterfront Art Gallery.

Dinnerware on Table
Vic’s beautiful Display

This special set sports the alligator glazes. The rims of the plates all have their unique appearance. Firing of these plates is truly a labor of love. Each piece requires three kiln firings, but the plates also need a wax surface applied to the well which has several glazes already fired onto the surface before the alligator glaze can be applied to the rims. The additional work as well as additional firings required to produce such a set as this does, naturally, raise the price. These 4 settings shown here is valued at $1000.

One-of-a-kind dinnerware sets require tremendous planning and consultation with the customer, but they are truly functional works of art, and they are meant to be heirloom sets. But customers can get lucky because excess items will be available following the completion of ordered sets and can be purchased by those customers not requiring a full set.DSC_4938

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