Dinnerware… some old sample pieces

The plates shown below belong to dinnerware styles and patterns we no longer make at our studio. For our long-standing customers, we can attempt to make pieces to match these sets; however, some of the raw materials we used in these glazes is no longer available. In addition, our own artistic freedom and development make it extremely difficult for us to match what you might have at home.

Should you wish to add to an existing set, we promise to give our best to the attempt, but we also ask you to enjoy our development and take pleasure in the ever-increasing quality that our years of experience bring to our work.

Our dinnerware glazes are all originals and none contain elements that will leach into foods served. They are always lead-free and safe for use in dishwashers.

Our dinnerware requires careful planning and firing. We do our best to make sure that sets are fired together, ensuring close matching of the glaze application in the process. That said, we also love to remind our collectors that these items are each hand-made… that’s part of their stunning beauty and value. Vic actually jokes that pots are like kids…. you might make them all the same way, but they each have their unique differences. We are careful to match sizes at the time of creation too. But should you break a piece and ask for a replacement, be aware that our work continues to evolve and we really find it hard to go backwards. We’ll make pieces in your pattern for as long as we work, but there may always be some slight variations. We also ask you to remember that a dinnerware order may take more than a couple of months to get through all our different steps. Above all, we hope you’ll love your JoVic dinnerware and enjoy it for life.

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  1. Josee, I am extremely impressed by you. You are such a good friend on Facebook and had no idea you were so talented. I love your artwork you and your husband produce. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to order something from you.

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