Garden Sculpture by Jo

I’m really enjoying the latest work that is slowly (maybe too slowly for me) coming out. Garden sculpture has been something I’ve done bits of here and there, some small, some larger. But I’m into a new series that I’m so excited about. The ideas are just racing through my mind. Anyway, the first of this series is now in my yard.

River of Serendipity

My first top was a copper post cap. But then I thought it would be so much nicer if the sculpture showed up at night as well.

Seredipity River by Jo Duffhues, Garden Sculpture
Using a good quality solar light with copper top.

The sculpture is embedded into the garden on a good stake. Depending on size and location, such as for example, the end of a driveway, these sculptures can be placed using a post-hole digger and concrete, or the metal stakes available at Home Depot with have a 6″ sleeve that is tightened around the column. This particular piece was inspired by a view of Oyster Bay in a section narrow enough to resemble a river.

I’m delighted that I have the chance to add these to my own garden and property first… I can call it an opportunity to test out my product and work out the ideas. The real truth, however,  is that I’m just so happy to have these sculptures myself. I’ve ordered and am impatiently awaiting the arrived of polished sea glass and polished stones to add into the construction of some others.

If you’re on the island, or live in the area, I hope you’ll come and see them too. I can hardly wait to place a few at the end of the driveway.

I’ve finished the installation of the 2nd Garden Sculpture in this new river series. This one is called Desert Rivers.

Garden Scupture Desert Rivers
Desert Rivers Garden Sculpture

Stones installed on this sculpture were all gathered on the shores of the beaches of North Oyster here in Ladysmith. I’ve used iron oxide and granular ilmanite in the tile adhesive to add to the colorful effect. Once again, I used a large garden stake driven into the soil to hold this sculpture, and yes, this one also has a solar light… we call them faery lights when we see how lovely they appear in the evening.

Lighted Garden Sculpture
Desert Rivers Night Shot

If you have any questions about these sculptures or are interested in purchasing one for your garden, they range in price from $650 up, depending on the materials used. Feel free to inquire, and I’ll be glad to work with you.


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