Hazelwood Herb Farm

Main photoVisitors to Vancouver Island really should make time to explore the delights of a wonderful garden off the beaten path in Ladysmith.  Hazelwood Herb Farm is a spectular spot beautifully nestled amid pasture and woodlands.

The garden is so incredibly well maintained, and the air you’ll breathe there fills you with the delightful scents of herbs useful in the kitchen, bath or bedroom of your home. The scents are sure to help you remember your visit for ages to come. And you can bring some of them home with you, either by shopping for plants from their nursery, or by heading into their wonderful gift shop and kitchen where they produce cosmetic, bath and beauty products, as well as delicious culinary treats ranging from jellies and mustards to breads and finishing salts. You’ll want to keep some of your purchases in our jars or canisters, so combine your visits for an all-round fabulous experience.

Feel free to contact the Hazelwood Herb Farm for more information:

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