How Do You Shoot Shine?

I’ve got these glorious bowls that have just come through a glaze firing. I spent significant time carefully spraying and layering the glazes, using both a Paasche gun and regular spray gun. The bowls are so delicate (read thin and light-weight), and yet they are stoneware. They’d be wonderful used functionally for such things as salads and fruit bowls… well, if you can stand to hide their delicate beauty. I make them with very thin slabs of wet clay which I cut, and fold. It cracks me up every time I do this kind of thing because I see it as an ode to sewing, creating darts. When I decorate them, I think about piping on cakes too. The trouble I run into every single time I’ve made a series of these amazing bowls is that I am using a glossy finish on them… something that truly sets them off visually and also makes them feel so wonderful to touch, but darn it all, shooting photos of them sucks.

By the way, clicking on a small image will enlarge the pictures.

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