Jo’s Pleasure in Clay

I love to work to work on one-of-a-kind pieces, or on large projects. I’ve enjoyed creating unique bathroom or kitchen tiled projects more than just about anything. To be able to work with a builder and an architect in creating a special space… that’s heavenly.

Tang Wall
Curved Fountain Wall by Jo

  One of my favourite projects was a curved, 3-dimensional, tiled wall for a waterfall. Water collected at the base of the piece in a clear acrylic tub, lined with rocks. This installation needed the help of the builder, the architect, an acrylic glass worker and an outdoor fountain tiler. The wall was 12 feet high and 10 feet wide. The rocks at the base, hiding the drain, were also formed from clay, and one of the compliments that gave me such pleasure came from another potter who claimed astonishment that I had found rocks that so beautifully matched the sculptural wall–proof they looked real. Inspiration comes from my surroundings, from dreams, from a chance to work with others; and whether the projects are large, become a series, or just result in one special piece, it is the inspired work that gives me my greatest pleasure in clay.

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