Sgraffito Technique

We pride ourselves on the process involved in making our stoneware and raku pottery. And we derive tremendous satisfaction in our skills at testing and developing glazes… some for use on our tableware and other glazes that are purely used for decorative pieces. Carving designsSome of our pottery shows delightful carved patterns. This is based on a technique called ‘sgraffito’ and requires the application of a coloured slip, with carving to follow during a leather-hard stage in the drying process. Once the carved pieces are bone dry, they are bisque fired. The bisque firing results in pottery that is porous enough to accept the application of glazes. Our pottery frequently has anywhere from 2 to 4 glaze applications before it’s finally ready for a last high-temperature firing during which glazes are made to ‘marry’ the pots.

Our functional pottery (that which is used and in frequent contact with foods and liquids) is stoneware (dense as stone). We make sure we never use anything in the glazes on these pieces that might leach. Our functional pottery is not only lead-free, but it’s totally safe from leaching any dangerous minerals or chemicals. It is also dishwasher and microwave oven safe.When we decorate our work with alligator or ‘lichen’ types of glazes, we frequently have to put those pots through multiple firings and glaze applications.

Lidded Ash & Micro-Crystalline Glazed Urn with Slip Combing
Lidded Ash & Micro-Crystalline Glazed Urn with Slip Combing
Sometimes we feel that our work is truly labour intensive, but it is also a labour of love.

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