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Drying Pitchers
Studio Pleasure — Photo: Edward McCrea

Though Vic was first introduced to clay by Jo, (Josee Duffhues) at the time a hobby potter, his love for the medium was truly boosted by attendance at a workshop given by Mick Casson, a well-known and highly respected British potter coming out of the Leach and Hamada tradition of pottery. In 1981 Vic began to work in production pottery studios, and he spent the next 10 years learning to hone his skills as a production thrower. Five of those years were spent working with a friend and mentor, Donn Zver in Troy, Ontario.

Vic’s journey has brought him full-circle during these past three decades, and he’s gone from student to master. He’s currently pleased to bring clay to members of the Coast Salish culture. Their own traditional arts made no use of pottery or clay as a medium. Introducing them to its special properties as a vehicle for the continued use of their own traditional artistic designs is a goal gradually being reached through teaching both First Nations high school students as well as adult First Nations workshops.

Vic's Canoe

Vic takes special care to create and design projects and approaches that will incorporate traditional Coast Salish designs while also allowing for ceremonial function at cultural ceremonies. This approach has been made possible through Josee’s involvement as a teacher for the Stz’uminus First Nations schools, as well as her time working with Malaspina’s (now Vancouver Island University) continued education program for First Nations students and her many years working together with Mid-Island First Nations.

2 thoughts on “More About Vic

  1. I believe I may have seen one of your early art works that was commissioned for the PBMC, a division of the MMRT. A helmet shape with mouse type ears. Are you still interested in custom work of this nature.
    From a past fan of what I believe was your “thunderbolt” phase.

    1. Hello, and sorry to say that I don’t recognize the acronyms you mention, though I’ve certainly accepted commissions and am always open to exploring new ideas. I’m currently working on some sculptural “totem” posts for a school. These would incorporate student and teacher clay art pieces with natural elements.

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