Packing up JoVic Pottery for the Yukon

Pottery for Midnight Sun Emporium in the Yukon

Vic Duffhues at Pottery Cart
Vic ready to pack pots

It’s no quick job getting together enough pots for Midnight Sun Emporium on Main Street in Whitehorse, in the Yukon. The request was made months ago, and we’ve been struggling to find the time to complete a very large order of original stoneware pottery for pick-up by owner, Chris Sorg. With the freedom to choose what we thought would best serve this store, we’ve concentrated on our favourite line of work: the alligator decorated functional stoneware that is original to our studio and truly celebrates our efforts as potters. It’s the work that the Gallery of BC Ceramics is pleased to showcase and got our studio juried in on the very first try.

Our studio, JoVic Pottery, has been humming throughout the summer months, and we’re soon going to be working full-out to get ready for the annual studio tour at the end of November. Of course that is all happening at the same time as our involvement with the Ladysmith Little Theatre, and our annual summer visitors from Ontario: Kyanna’s yearly summer visit, and this year our friends Shirley and Dianne. It’s a busy and rather exciting life; certainly not the laid-back lifestyle many people would expect of potters.

Tearing paper off the roll
Paper tearing is just one of the jobs

This order is currently taking our focus. We’ve already packed almost half the order, necessitating careful selection of boxes, purchasing sheets of Styrofoam to add between layers of mugs or goblets, bowls, and so forth.

We continue to unload kilns with additional pots to pack. Then there are the packing slips, the information cards to go with the pots, and additional business cards and rack cards. We know our stoneware pottery is safe for use in the dishwasher and microwave oven. Our open casseroles are also great for use in a standard oven; however, they must be placed into cold ovens and brought to temperature gradually.

Vic cutting bubble wrap
The bubble wrap cutting

They are not Pyrex pieces and cannot handle the sudden thermal shock that such ware is designed to handle. They also cannot be placed directly onto stove-top burners. With a store as far away as the Yukon, we like to make sure that the people who purchase or receive our wonderful pottery as gifts have all the information they need to guarantee safe long-term use of our wonderful work.

Preparing Carton with bubble wrap and styrofoam
Careful with pots… yep, styrofoam and bubble wrap too

It’s truly fun to know that last year’s accidental visit to our Ladysmith, Vancouver Island studio, from the owners of this remarkable store in the Yukon resulted in a clearance of pots from the studio at that time, and has now created a lovely big order which they’ll come and pick up personally next week. We look forward to a long-term relationship and to knowing our work is so highly prized by people far and wide.

For those of you who visit the Yukon or live in Dawson City, here’s the address and contact information for the store.

Vic with an open casserole
Vic with an Open Casserole

Midnight Sun Emporium. 205C Main Street
Whitehorse, YT  Y1A 2B2, Canada  (867) 668-4350


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