Some Specifics on What We Offer in Pottery Lessons, Courses, or Special Classes

With more than 3 decades of experience in teaching and running a successful production and art pottery studio, we have developed some excellent educational offers for a variety of participants and students.

  • Beginner, intermediate, or advanced lessons for potters (or potters to be).
  • Specific goal-driven workshops, such as developing and mastering glazes for raku or oxidation firings.
  • Creative wellness workshops which serve special interest communities by way of providing team-building, creativity, relaxation, or simple introduction to clay activities.
Starting Young
Starting Young

Glaze and Decorating Techniques:

These are in studio workshops, available to group and individual potters. We offer cone 6 oxidation glazing and decorating techniques and information designed to assist potters with further development of layered, textured, decorative and/or food safe approaches to glaze colour and development for their work. We instruct on the method to experiment with glazes and ingredients enabling students to develop a series of tests that will provide them with a great range of compatible glazes for their art and pottery. Glaze and decorating workshops or classes can be arranged for periods of 1 day to 1 week.

Glazing her Raku Flowers
Glazing Her Own Raku Work
  • Per student cost for groups not less than 6, $75 per day per student.
  • Individual Instruction, $35 per hour
  • Two students, $30 per hour per student
  • Three students, $25 per hour per student
  • Extended courses with classes through local schools may be arranged and be provided on site at special rates.

For a look at some of the tiles made by Coast
Salish students from Cowichan and Stz’uminus Tribes, just click on the following link:

Students at JoVic Pottery

All student projects require preparation work on our part in our studio, and that cost is generally built in to the fees paid as shown. However, if additional extensive firing and post-class care is extreme, extra fees may be required to cover the cost.

Sample of preparation for couple class
Sample of preparation for couple class

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