Setting Up For Lessons at JoVic Pottery

We offer lessons to individuals, couples, small groups, and larger classes. We always make sure that our students get the most out of their time in our studio, and we can guarantee a great time, and success. Please contact us for more information about our courses.

Our students always get the benefit of extra preparation time, extra care taken with the work they make. Here are just a few pictures to show you some of the effort that goes into setting things up in preparation for a “couples” class (a romantic choice a husband made to celebrate their anniversary). In this first image, you can see the wedged lump of strawberry shaped clay in the background. Placed on the wheel, it’s “coned up and down” repeatedly. This prepares it for opening up.

Visual Cues
Visual Cues

When the clay is well-centered, the potter can begin to open it, the next step in making the lump of clay into a bowl or plate.

2013-04-30 16.31.00

The “walls” of the pot are gradually stretched up, allowing the pot to achieve the desired thickness. We find students respond well to the examples of visual cues in their vicinity. In addition, of course, to careful instruction.

Final thrown effort.





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