Some Recent Vessels and Stoneware at JoVic Pottery

New pieces find us excitedly opening our kiln. Hexagon Plates by Jo Duffhues with Sgraffito Carving through Black Engobe under Final Cone 6 Oxidation Glaze Firing. Ginger Jars (Urns or Lidded Vessels) with up to 6 sprayed on layered glazes, some including Ash and Crawl Glazes by Vic Duffhues. Dedicated Raku Urn, closed with copper wire as a final tribute with ashes contained. Chatter and spiral decorated platter with multiple layers of glaze fired in Cone 6 Oxidation. And finally, an example of one of our mugs which all provide users with both function and decorative beauty. Yes, these things continue to excite us in our studio on Vancouver Island. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or should wish to purchase one of these beautiful works of art.

1 thought on “Some Recent Vessels and Stoneware at JoVic Pottery

  1. I LOVE your pieces! Boy could I learn heaps from you two!!!
    I make little Raku fish etc. Sent you message on Linked In.
    Any thoughts on a few galleries that may carry my line? Thought of doing a road show this year to break into the Candian market. My fish sell really well but I need to introduce them to Canada. Thoughts?

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