Student Tile Projects at JoVic Pottery

Potter and Actor
Actor/Potter Vic
Joker Shellie

The new year arrived in the midst of fun with the Ladysmith

Actor or Potter? Jo
Jo in Costume with Aija

Little Theatre because on top of working like maniacs with our pottery students, preparing for the Studio Tour,



and Christmas, we were also involved with the theatre’s annual Christmas Panto. We finished that show on New Year’s Eve, and by the 7th of January, we began rehearsals for the Man of La Mancha which won’t open until the 22nd of April.

JoVic Pottery Student handbuilding

But yes, students. We had those right up to and just past our November studio tour. This was an ambitious class (Ceramics Art 10) and students not only made ceremonial bowls, carved with First Nations designs, but also made war canoes, and a trivet tile project.

Clay Tile Set--whale
Killer Whale–Coast Salish

It’s that last project that actually wasn’t completed until last week and students had to return to do their final finishing. But they are sweet. I’m posting just a few pictures of them.


4-piece clay tile trivet inset
4-piece clay tile trivet inset

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