We use numerous pottery decorating and firing techniques at our studio. Most of the work is stoneware pottery fired to cone 6 oxidation. We enjoy layering slips, engobes and glazes. Our work has marvelous examples of alligator skin or crawl glaze textures, sgraffito carving, and multiple glaze firings for additional depth and colour. We also enjoy creating unique one-of-a-kind vessels, sculptures, and raku pottery. Some of the following images may provide examples of the variety of our creative endeavors.

Platter with Mocha Landscape
Mocha Diffusion Platter by Vic Duffhues
Stoneware Slab Bowl by Jo Duffhues
Slab Bowl with Orange & Yellow Sprayed Underglaze by Jo Duffhues
Ash Platter by Vic Duffhues
Volcanic Ash & Layered Glaze Stoneware Platter
Rake Urn Vessel with Copper Wire
Copper Wire Closed Urn in Raku
vase with magnolia blossoms
Stoneware Vase by Vic, Hand-painted Glaze by Jo
Raven Platter
Jo’s Raven Quilt Platter
Alligator Ginger Jar by Vic Duffhues
Alligator Texture Ginger Jar by Vic Duffhues. Photo Vic Duffhues
Welcome Sculpture JoVic Pottery
Sculptural Garden Lights by Jo Duffhues
Flaming Pottery
Pyromania on Pottery
platter glaze detail
Glaze Detail Skylight Platter
Stoneware Bowl by Jo Duffhues
Hand-Decorated with Underglazes Bowl by Jo Duffhues
Crawl Glaze Sphere Vase
Spherical Alligator Vase


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