Villages by Jo

As an artist, I find myself periodically returning to further develop themes begun during previous periods of inspiration. I can’t seem to just “make” things to order, at least not when they are one-of-a-kind items, albeit themed. I suppose it’s no different than what a landscape painter experiences. The subject might be the same, but it requires fresh inspiration, and ever-developing skills and techniques to bring something new to the work. It has perhaps been 15 years since I last worked on raku village scenes. They take such a great deal of time that they truly need to be made for the sheer joy of the work and creativity involved.

Each of these village wall scenes takes a couple of days to create. That of course is only the beginning.

I feel as though I get lost in the scene I`m creating. My hands, my thoughts, everything just becomes one with the clay as I process my ideas.

Once they`re made, they need an extensive drying period. I can temporarily let go of them, even get on with other things, allowing other creative ideas to flow. But when they come out of the kiln after that first firing, I need to get back into them again. It usually takes another couple of days for each of them to get glaze treatments. I manage to work on them for a few hours, put them aside, come back to them again, and so on. This latest series of 4 village scenes is vibrating with color, being treated to underglazes before getting a final glaze coating.

Once the underglaze is applied, it`s time for the final glaze coating to be sprayed on before the raku firing can take place.

So far I`ve only managed to completely finish one of the four made for this series. I can hardly wait to get the rest through.

Wall Piece
14 x 10 Raku Wall Village, $450

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